The perfect all-rounder

Classic Wood Protection is the best way to keep all kinds of exterior wood looking good for longer.

Because time is precious

We're all looking for products that will help us get things done quickly, but without cutting corners.

Keep the wood colour you love

There's never been an easier way to keep exterior wood looking good for longer and to stop the unsightly discolouration so often caused by exposure to rain and sun.

All decked out

Quick and simple to use, our Decking Stain & Protector offers great, long-lasting weather protection and creates a rich, warm look for all types of decking.

Tough, durable and beautiful

Whenever a maintenance coat of protection is needed, Extra Durable Woodstain is the perfect choice. An extremely durable, solvent-based product, this hard-wearing, high-performance woodstain will keep windows, doors and conservatories looking and feeling fabulous all year round.

Weatherproof the garden

Designed to protect outdoor wooden furniture from the damaging effects of rain, moisture and UV rays, Sadolin’s Garden Furniture Oil, Garden Furniture Colour Protector and Garden Furniture Stain and Protector provide unbeatable protection.

Home sweet home

Protect your indoor wood against everyday wear and tear with Sadolin’s versatile Interior Stain perfect for all interior woodwork.

A bit of Inspiration

How to guides

Episode 1 – Preparation Is Everything

Episode 2 – ‘Classic And Extra – Joined Up For Joinery’

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