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Whenever a maintenance coat of protection is needed, Extra Durable Woodstain is the perfect choice.

An extremely durable, solvent-based product, this hard-wearing, high-performance woodstain will keep windows, doors and conservatories looking and feeling fabulous all year round.

Exterior joinery with an existing wood stain system requiring maintenance will benefit from applying one full coat. Enhanced weather-proofing for up to five years protection can be achieved if used in conjunction with Classic Wood Protection to coat new windows, doors and conservatories with two coats of Extra for premium protection.

As with Classic Wood Protection, this is a micro porous system that won’t crack or blister – working with the wood to stay smooth and clean-looking for longer.

Sadolin tough, durable and beautiful insert
Top Tip:

Ensure full flowing even coats are applied for optimum durability and maximum life. Always brush in the same direction as the grain.

Perfect for: Windows, doors and conservatories.