When time is of the essence

Sadolin’s Quick Drying and One Coat Woodstains offer homeowners the chance to protect their exterior wood easily without ever compromising on the quality of the finish. Perfect for tackling larger jobs or making the most of a dry weather spell, both products are designed to take the hassle out of home maintenance. Water based, Quick Drying Woodstain is rainproof in just 30 minutes and can be applied twice in one day (leave four-six hours between coats) for up to six years protection. High solid solvent based One Coat is just that, providing durable, all-over protection on your maintenance work with just one easy application. Both products come in a range of eight subtle shades from Natural to Ebony.

Sadolin Quick Dry Woodstain

Don't compromise on finish

It's micro porous system makes it the perfect base coat for new wood including joinery products. Working with the timber and satisfying its porosity without compromising on finish. Penetrating deep into the wood, it provides the perfect base coat for Extra Durable Woodstain especially on those hard working surfaces that are subject to occasional knows and scuffs.

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Stunning shades

When it comes to time saving, Sadolin's Quick Dry Woodstain is ideal. Available in 9 shades, it's rainproof in 20 minutes with 6 year protection!

Top tip:

For best results don’t apply in direct sunlight, plan your job with the day’s sunlight and invest in a quality brush for the best finish.

Perfect for:

Windows, doors, conservatories.

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