Complaints Policy

Our Product Complaints Policy Explained

If You Have a Complaint

We welcome the opportunity to investigate any concerns you have about our products (or related services) and are committed to handling complaints fairly, thoroughly and promptly.

In the first instance, if you have a complaint, you should contact your local Crown Paints representative or our Customer Relations team using either the address, telephone number or email address shown on all of our packs, product literature and documentation or via our websites. Alternatively, you can contact the stockist where you made your purchase.

Once received, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and provide you with your unique reference number. We aim to manage all complaints promptly, aiming to resolve in a reasonable timeframe, as determined on a case by case basis depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint.

For complaints where a more detailed investigation may be necessary, samples and/or paint flakes may be required for scientific analysis in our laboratories. Site visits may also be undertaken where appropriate. At any time you are free to have our products independently tested.

Follow Up

Complaints progress will be followed up in writing and/or via email.

Conditions Applicable to Our Policy

  1. Preparation, application, environmental and storage instructions as detailed on the pack, literature, data sheet or website have been followed.
  2. Health and safety instructions detailed on the pack, literature, safety data sheet or website has been followed.
  3. Satisfactory supporting evidence that our products have been bought and/or used can be provided.
  4. The complaint has been reported within a reasonable timeframe from time of usage or purchase.
  5. Any settlement costs offered will only extend to professional decorating charges on provision of an invoice for the original work. Where such charges are agreed, these will only be paid directly to the professional decorator.
  6. No settlement will be made against false claims, or claims that we reasonably suspect may be false, and we reserve the right to take further action as deemed appropriate to the circumstances.
  7. In the case of professional decorators, where costs have been incurred, a reasonable market price at the time of application will be used to calculate any reimbursement, for example scaffold charges. For labour costs this is the BCIS Painting and Decorating Price Book recommended rates.

On completion of our investigation, if we uphold your complaint, we may decide to replace the product, or possibly make good the substrate on which it has been used (depending on the merits of each complaint).

Moving/replacing fixtures, fittings, furnishings and/or carpets will not be considered or included in any settlement, however appropriate protection of these may be included as part of the preparation process.

Next steps if you are not happy with the response provided

We are dedicated to our customers and the service we provide and will always seek to behave in a fair and equitable way. However, we acknowledge that sometimes we may not be able to reach an agreement with you.

If that is the case, and you remain dissatisfied once you have received our response, if you request a review, we will refer your complaint to a Customer Relations Manager for further consideration.

The Customer Relations Manager will contact you to let you know they have received your complaint and, when the review is complete, they will provide you with a final response on behalf of Crown Paints.

Statutory Rights

None of the above affects your statutory rights. If you have any doubts as to your statutory rights then you should contact your Local Citizens Advice Bureau or refer to the Office of Fair Trading website (

All rights are reserved by Crown Paints Limited.

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