Protect your decking, whatever the weather

Quick and simple to use, our Decking Stain & Protector offers great, long-lasting weather protection and creates a rich, warm look for all types of decking. It’s UV active technology and palette of neutral shades – Natural, Golden Brown and Teak – will make sure garden decking looks good all year round. Being water-based rather than solvent-based means it dries fast enough to apply two coats in one day, freeing up family areas for use even sooner.

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Stunning shades

When it comes to decking the Sadolin Decking Stain & Protector, offers the ultimate defence. Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose from 5 stunning shades to match your vision.

Top tip:

The more time you spend preparing the surface the better the finish you’ll get at the end of the job, so pay extra attention to sanding down and cleaning before getting out the brushes.

Perfect for:

All types of decking.

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