All hands on deck: Q&A

It’s that time of year where we’re all wanting to spend more time in our gardens, especially thanks to the recent run of great weather. Wooden decking can help to transform any outdoor space, and when maintained properly can be enjoyed throughout the year – not just in summer. We recently spoke to our brand manager, Sharon Smith, for some advice on how to keep decking in top condition for longer.

What impact does winter have on decking?

As decking is outdoors it is constantly exposed to the elements, particularly in winter, which can take its toll. Exposure to the elements can lead to an accumulation of dirt, mould and algae. If maintenance isn’t carried out during the winter months, this of course creates a bigger job further down the line.

How should I prep my decking before applying woodstain? 

For maximum effect, it’s important to clean away any residual dirt and if there are any existing coatings, they will need to be stripped back before any new coats are applied.

Are there any products which protect decking without impacting its appearance?

It’s really important to protect both newly laid and existing decking, as this keeps it looking clean and fresh for longer. Specialist products like our Decking Oil offer exceptional protection against damage common to decking such as UV rays, mould and fungi growth. It also provides a natural-looking, nourishing treatment which enhances the wood’s appearance as well as restoring oils lost through exposure to the elements.

Does some decking require a higher level of protection?

For commercial decking or south-facing decking, different levels of protection could be required. In cases where the decking is subjected to heavy use or is regularly in direct sunlight, a coloured product is recommended, like our Decking Stain & Protector. This product is also quick-drying and water-based – perfect for the unpredictable British weather which can often delay work.

Is there a way of preventing a build-up of mould and algae on decking?

Yes, Sadolin Decking Stain & Protector contains a mould and algae inhibitor that helps to keep decking looking its best, even between maintenance cycles.

Can decking protection products also come in a choice of colours, rather than just natural tones?

Definitely! We know that colour helps to create a strong style statement, whether it’s in a domestic location or commercial setting like a restaurant, so wanted to ensure we were able to provide a selection of colours.

Our Classic Wood Protection is available in an exciting range of more vibrant tinted shades, which can help to co-ordinate the outdoor space with interior colour schemes or match to corporate colours. Of course, this product still also provides exceptional weather protection.

If a solid colour rather than a translucent woodstain is preferred on your decking, then our Beautiflex Solvent Opaque Woodstain is the perfect option. It’s available in a choice of over 200 colours, whilst maintaining its flexible coating for long term protection and easy application.

Which product would you recommend to always have in the back of the van?

It’s always useful to have a multi-purpose product in the kept in the back of the van, particularly when working on larger contracts such as new build schemes, which tend to be subject to tight schedules and budgets. We would recommend Sadolin Classic Wood Protection as the perfect product to keep handy on jobs, as it can be used not only for decking, but also timber cladding, fascias and rough sawn timber.

If you need any advice on an exterior woodwork project, our friendly team of experts will be happy to assist with product selection, colour guidance and application tips. Get in touch by contacting our Sadolin Advice Centre on 0330 024 0298.

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