Natural beauty

Sadolin’s Natural Oils lend interiors a warm, luxurious feel, bringing out the beauty of all types of wood while adding a tough, water-resistant sheen to surfaces throughout the home.

Easy to apply and maintain, the range can be used to restore and maintain everything from floors, doors, skirting boards, furniture, panelling and worktops. And using the range couldn’t be simpler, with new layers simply added and wiped clean as needed.

Sadolin Floor Oil can be used to treat new or unloved floors, offering a warm, wear-resistant layer that looks as good as it feels.

Sadolin Worktop Oil protects all kinds of wooden kitchen surfaces from common problems like warping and splitting. A non-drying oil, its unique, water-resistant formula penetrates deep into the wood to offer flawless protection for years to come.

Sadolin Wood Oil offers long-lasting protection and a flawless finish for all types of interior wooden surfaces.

  • Sadolin Wood Oil

  • Sadolin Floor Oil

  • Sadolin Worktop Oil

Sadolin Natural Beauty
Top Tip:

Oils provide a warm, luxurious finish, bringing out the beauty of the wood.

Perfect for:Worktops, floors, doors, skirting boards, furniture and panelling.