Five timber looks to try this year

January offers the perfect opportunity to set goals and try something new. While your timber may not be at the forefront of your resolutions, there are some simple things you can do with your woodwork that will have a significant impact on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Below, we discuss five exciting timber looks to try in 2023.

Sadolin Superdec Satin – Hot Mustard, Gentle Blue, Collector’s White

1. Opt for colourful garden furniture: Giving wooden garden furniture a fresh look in a bright colour will instantly add interest to your garden (and bold colours pair perfectly with sunny spring days). Sadolin Superdec Satin is the ideal formula for timber furniture, providing exceptional protection with fantastic colour payoff. This highly durable, multi-surface opaque finish is ideal for wood, weathered plastic, steel, cladding, concrete, masonry and exterior joinery. Superdec erodes naturally by weathering, thus ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking.


Sadolin Classic All Purpose Woodstain – African Walnut

2. Try an earthy brown woodstain: Stay on-trend this year by embracing earthy browns throughout the home. Designers are loving shades such as caramel, terracotta, rust and cinnamon, and it’s not hard to see why. These shades evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, and are reminiscent of nature and the outside world. Sadolin Classic All Purpose Woodstain is our most versatile woodstain ever, formulated for use on both exterior and interior wood. Sadolin Classic offers deep penetrating protection and comes in a variety of stylish colours such as Redwood, Teak, Antique Pine, African Walnut and Burma Teak.


3. Enhance the look of natural wood with a varnish: Did you know that wood is said to have a calming effect on people? Some studies even claim that it lowers blood pressure as well as heart rate. This makes timber furnishings an especially wise choice within rooms where you’d like to create a sense of tranquility.  Our Polyurethane Extra Durable Varnish will highlight the natural beauty of your timber while providing long lasting protection from knocks and scratches, stains and spills.


4. Make a statement with a wooden feature piece: Classic and captivating, timber has been beloved for centuries and can be used for endless purposes throughout the home. Because of its timeless nature, wood is always stylish and offers a safe bet when it comes to choosing furniture for interiors or exteriors. If you’re in the market for new pieces, we suggest turning to timber. For example, a large wooden farmhouse table will make a striking statement in the kitchen or dining room, while a vintage teak coffee table will give your sitting room an on-trend “Mid-Century Modern” feel. An antique wooden wardrobe will offer a functional focal point to the bedroom, while a robust wooden bed frame will help you slumber in style for decades to come.


5. Choose wooden accessories to decorate the home: Wooden accessories never go out of style, so investing in some quality timber pieces is always a wise idea. If you’re not in the market for larger timber furniture like tables or chairs, you can still embrace wood through smaller items such as trays, boards, bowls, candle holders, mirrors, lamps, and frames.



When it comes to timber, the possibilities are endless. This durable and versatile material is ready to be welcomed into your home in 2023. For everything you need to beautify and protect your wood, visit your local Sadolin stockist.


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Five timber looks to try this year
Stephanie Fuller