Wooden flooring dos and don’ts

Wooden floors are one of the most beloved features of any home. Timeless and elegant, wooden floors mesh perfectly with any design and offer classic charm to interiors. At Sadolin, we’ve made it our goal to help beautify and protect all timber surfaces, and wooden flooring is no exception.

There are some simple tasks you can complete in order to keep your precious wooden floors in top shape. Below, we’ll discuss things to do and things to avoid when it comes to your wooden flooring.


DO protect your wooden floors with a high-quality varnish: Varnish provides an extra layer of powerful protection and is highly recommended for all wooden flooring. Varnishes effectively ‘sit’ on top of timber surfaces, offering a shield against liquids and impacts. Sadolin Polyurethane Floor Varnish is a water based floor varnish that’s ideal for all interior wood flooring.  Extremely tough and hard wearing, this varnish is non-yellowing and touch dry in just one hour.


Sadolin Classic Woodstain – Antique Pine

DO use a woodstain to enhance the look of your wooden floors: A woodstain helps beautify your wood while adding another layer of defense against liquids and UV rays. Available in a wide range of stunning colours, Sadolin Classic All Purpose Woodstain absorbs deeply into timber in order to provide exceptional, deep-penetrating protection. Sadolin Classic is our most versatile woodstain, designed for use on a wide variety of interior and exterior timber, providing an exceptional finish each and every time. Sadolin Classic can be followed with an application of one of our varnishes.


DO clean your wooden floors regularly: Wooden floors can become dulled over time by dirt and dust, and these tiny particles can also act as sandpaper when left to sit, gradually abrading the surfaces they’re on. In order to keep your wooden floors healthy and looking their best, it’s essential to properly clean your floors routinely. While vacuuming your floors is always a great option as it collects any particles on contact without moving them around, dust-mopping and soft sweeping are also good choices. We recommend vacuuming/dusting/sweeping wood floors in high traffic areas daily.


DON’T let liquids sit on wooden floors: Wood can swell with even the smallest amount of liquid and water ingress can weaken timber’s integrity over time, so it’s essential to clean spills as quickly as possible. Dry the area swiftly and thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth and, if necessary, remove any stickiness or staining with an approved wood cleaner.


Sadolin Classic Woodstain – Redwood

DON’T allow furniture to scratch your wooden floors: Scratches can happen no matter how much you try to prevent them. Furniture has the tendency to cause scratches and dents, so we recommend using felt floor pads to guard against this. Floor pads are readily available at your local home store and are easily applied to your pieces.


DON’T use unapproved wood cleaners: Some cleaners contain ingredients such as ammonia, vinegar, citrus, and bleach that can tarnish the finish of your timber and lead to dullness and other damage.

When cleaning your wood floors, it’s always best to use a quality wood cleaner that has been approved for use on your specific type of flooring.


Are you ready for gorgeous wooden floors? Turn to Sadolin for everything you need to ensure healthy timber surfaces both inside and outside of your home. Find your local Sadolin stockist here.





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Wooden flooring dos and don’ts
Stephanie Fuller