Updating your exteriors for Spring

Spring has arrived, and with it, the perfect opportunity to refresh your exteriors for the warmer seasons ahead. Whether you’re reviving your window and door frames, updating your garden furniture, rejuvenating your shed, or even renovating your deck, Sadolin has what you’ll need to beautify and protect all your timber surfaces—and more!

Among our wide range of wood-loving products, our Superdec opaque formulation is one of the most innovative and inspiring. Available in both Gloss and Satin finishes, this multi-surface formulation is self-priming, and offers a flawless, flexible finish to wood, concrete, weathered plastic, steel, cladding, concrete, masonry, and exterior doors and windows. With 10 years of guaranteed protection, Sadolin Superdec ensures that your exterior will look better, for longer.

With our stunning new ready-mixed Anthracite Grey shade, as well as the 100s of tint shades available, you can achieve complete customisation over your decorating journey. Superdec offers you the freedom to paint whatever you want, and however you’d like.

Below, we’ll cover just a handful of suggestions for using the Superdec range to update your exteriors. But be warned: the possibilities are endless!

Turn your shed into a gorgeous garden feature: The humble, hardworking shed can be transformed into a lovely garden feature with a fresh coat of Superdec in the colour of your choice. Keep things neutral with shades of brown, or our new shade of Anthracite Grey, or opt for something bolder like a pink or a blue, which can be mixed specially for you in moments through one of our qualified stockists.


Create a dreamy entryway: Painting you front door a beautiful new colour is a simple and effective way to revitalise your exteriors. Add colour and brightness to your home with a vivid shade for your front door. Sadolin Superdec offers a water-borne, highly durable opaque finish for wood and other surfaces.


Revitalise your planters: Looking for a fun project to do on a sunny day this spring? Turn your old or ordinary planters into delightfully coloured garden decorations with Superdec. Whether they’re made of wood, concrete, or plastic, Superdec’s multi surface formulation means you can paint them all with ease. Have some fun and inject some cheer with vivid, saturated tones or exude sophistication with more muted greys, browns, and creams.


Enliven you Garden Furniture: Your garden furniture will get plenty of use during the warmer seasons, so creating an inviting and comfortable area you and your family will love to spend time in is key. Even old, dull furniture can be spruced up with the proper care and a new coat of paint. Painting your furniture is a smart and simple way to bring more colour into your garden and complement the surrounding space.

Ready to try Superdec’s revolutionary formula on your various surfaces? Visit your local Sadolin stockist for Superdec, and for everything else you’ll need to update your exteriors for spring and welcome to sunnier weather with open arms!


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Updating your exteriors for Spring
Stephanie Fuller