Add vibrancy to your garden with these top tips

Turning your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis is within reach. A garden brimming with colour will liven up your surroundings and delight the senses. Below, we’ll explore our expert recommendations on how to rejuvenate your garden with energy, colour and charm.

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Give your garden furniture a fresh coat of paint: Painting your garden furniture is a simple and cost-effective way to transform your outdoor space. Restore the lustre to your chairs, tables, and benches and shield them from the elements with a high quality paint formulation. Sadolin Beautiflex® is a solvent based opaque finish suitable for all exterior wood, including decking, and offers a flexible coating for long-term protection. Beautiflex® is an exceptional option for all timber surfaces and can be colour-mixed in up to 30,000 shades so you can enjoy a completely customised look.

Plant seasonal blooms in captivating colours: What shades would you like to introduce into your garden? Look for plants or flowers within that colour family that will also be able to thrive in your garden environment. To ensure a continuously colourful space, choose flowers that will bloom throughout the different seasons and offer a delightful garden tapestry all year round.

Upgrade your birdhouse: Provide a sanctuary for local birds and add a pop of colour to your garden by getting creative with your birdhouse. Painting a birdhouse is a quick and easy way to enhance the beauty of your garden and add interest to your outdoor space. We recommend our water based Sadolin Superdec Satin for this task. Your feathered friends are sure to enjoy their pretty new perch!

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Add a playful trim colour to your shed or summer house: Painting your shed is an excellent opportunity to infuse colour and personality into your garden area. From the walls of the structure to the accompanying trim, adding vibrant, unexpected hues can instantly transform the humble shed into a focal point within the garden. Showcase your distinct style and enjoy a fun weekend activity while you’re at it!

Embrace colourful containers: Expand your garden colour palette by incorporating vibrant containers throughout the space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, shapes, and materials such as ceramic, concrete or terracotta. These eye-catching containers can house a variety of plants and flowers, and they’re also perfect for growing herbs and vegetables. For this task, Sadolin Superdec works particularly well as it can be applied to a variety of different materials – not just wood!  With its water-based and highly durable opaque finish, our unique Superdec formulation is ideal for transforming ordinary containers into colourful masterpieces with up to 10 years protection. What’s more, Superdec naturally weathers over time, maintaining flexibility and resisting cracks, peels, and flakes so you can count on your surfaces looking beautiful, for longer.

With a little creativity and the assistance of Sadolin products, you can turn your garden into a vibrant oasis. By following the tips above, you’ll create a colourful space that will enchant both friends and family. Visit your local Sadolin stockist to find everything you need to care for and enhance your timber. For further inspiration for your interiors and exteriors, explore the rest of our tips and inspiration articles.

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Add vibrancy to your garden with these top tips