The perfect all rounder

Classic Wood Protection is the best way to keep all kinds of exterior wood looking good for longer.

As a long-established brand, it’s used and trusted by experts and homeowners alike for its great finish. Promising unbeatable quality and excellent durability, it can be used on everything from doors, windows, timber cladding, decking, benches and sheds to fencing, garden furniture, planters and trellises. It’s tough enough to use on those areas that take a battering from the elements all year round too.

It’s micro porous system makes it the perfect base coat for new wood including joinery products. Working with the timber and satisfying its porosity without compromising on finish. Penetrating deep into the wood, it provides the perfect base coat for Extra Durable Woodstain especially on those hard working surfaces that are subject to occasional knocks and scuffs.

Available in a range of eight stunning shades, Classic Wood Protection will help wood keep its colour for longer. Its micro porous system works with the wood to avoid the unsightly flakes or cracks.

Classic Wood Protection
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Top Tip:

Be liberal, especially with bare timber to satisfy the porosity of the wood. Apply plenty of product to vulnerable ends and brush in the direction of the grain.

Perfect for: All exterior wood products (treated and untreated).