Revive tired wood

Sadolin Woodshield’s unique formulation makes it the perfect choice when it comes to providing all-year round protection against the elements so whether your plot enjoys the great British summer of harsh winters with heavy frosts and snow Sadolin’s Woodshield is the perfect partner.

Ideal for covering prominent, exposed areas, like front doors, cladding and window frames, it offers all the benefits of traditional gloss paint, appearing as a protective block opaque finish when applied, with none of the fuss.

Unlike a traditional gloss paint its unique micro porous system works with the wood, penetrating into the wood to protect it rather than sitting on top of the wood as traditional exterior paints do. Keeping it looking clean and smooth for up to eight years and requires only minimal preparation when undertaking on-going maintenance.

Water-based, unlike gloss paint it doesn’t need either a primer or an undercoat and is touch dry within an hour.

Available in three versatile shades: black, white and mahogany, it can be used to refresh existing exteriors or coat new wood.

Sadolin revive tired wood
Top Tip:

Ideal to revive tired wood, restore your exterior woodwork at little expense.

Perfect for:Front doors and window frames, cladding and other exterior wood work.