Confused by Woodstains? Sadolin Explains the Difference

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Water based vs Solvent based. Sadolin explain the difference

When making your way down the woodstain aisle at your local DIY store, it can often get a little confusing with the choice of products available. Trying to choose the right woodstain for a job at hand can leave you a little bit puzzled, especially when either a solvent or water-based product can be used.
But as specialists in wood protection products, we are here to give you a helping hand when choosing between solvent or water based woodstains.

The difference in VOC

Solvent-based woodstains contain around 75 per cent white spirit (this can also be known as Volatile Organic Compound or VOC), which evaporates into the atmosphere and can reduce crop growth. Due to the higher levels of white spirit in solvent-based woodstains they have a much stronger, lasting smell. In comparison, water-based woodstains only contain about 10 per cent white spirit, reducing their impact on the environment.

The difference in drying time
Water-based woodstains have a much quicker dry time; they are generally ‘touch dry’ within an hour. In comparison, solvent-based woodstains have a longer touch dry time of between two and six hours, as they have a longer ‘open time,’ allowing you to brush the liquid out more before it dries, making for easy application.
Water-based woodstains are ready for an overcoat in a couple of hours, whereas you’ll generally have to wait until the next day to re-apply solvent-based woodstains. But despite the longer dry time, a slightly easier application process means solvent-based stains are often preferred by first time users of woodstains.

The difference in application
When applying water-based woodstains, choose a dry, moderate day. Solvent-based woodstains are generally less prone to weather conditions.
And when it comes to the task of cleaning down after staining – water-based woodstains are much easier to contend with as all you need is warm, soapy water to clean brushes, hands and equipment. In comparison, solvent-based woodstains require the use of white spirit.

And finally…
When you’ve decided which woodstain is best for you, Sadolin has a wide range of solvent-based and water-based woodstains ready to tackle whatever job you maybe undertaking, in the way that is best suited for you.
Sadolin solvent-based products include:
Sadolin Classic Wood Protection
Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain
Sadolin One Coat Woodstain
Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat
Sadolin water-based products include:
Sadolin Quick Drying Woodstain
Sadolin Woodshield
Sadolin Decking Stain and Protector

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