Wood Protection – it’s child’s play with Sadolin

The Playhouse Company Shed

Sadolin Superdec and Classic products are helping to deliver long-term protection and inspired colour choices for a successful British company that fires children’s imaginations with its designs in wood.

More than 20 years ago, Richard Frost and his wife Kay founded The Playhouse Company, based in Hereford, which builds high quality play houses, ‘castles,’ tree houses and activity centres sold across the UK and mainland Europe. To maintain the highest standards of finish and long term weather protection, The Playhouse Company’s finished products are all decorated using Sadolin Superdec Opaque Wood Protection or where a translucent finish is required, Sadolin Classic Wood Protection.

Richard said: “We simply don’t use any other decorative woodcare products at all in the factory. It’s important to us that we offer the maximum choice, and Sadolin has a fabulous range of opaque Superdec and translucent Classic shades for our customers to choose from.”

The playhouses are built from Scandinavian Redwood, sourced from fully accredited FSC suppliers. An initial coat of knotting solution is applied to the timber followed by two coats of either Superdec or Classic. With contrasting panels used on adjacent panels, each element is painted separately in the factory, leaving the assembly work to be done in the customer’s garden.

Richard and his team of 16 employees know that with Sadolin they’re using high quality, hard-wearing products because they occasionally get to see their playhouses many years after they’ve been installed, when the refurbishment service is used. This usually happens because customers are moving house and want to take their treasured castle or cottage with them. The service includes bringing the playhouse back to the factory, redecorating it and erecting it again in the customer’s new garden. Richard added: “We personally get to see how well Sadolin stands the test of time which gives us even more confidence in using the products.”

The Frost family isn’t only involved in the children’s play sector. Richard and Kay have been joined by Richard’s brother, Tom, and together they have found a new outlet for their expertise, starting the ‘The Posh Shed Company,’ which offers range of high quality exclusive garden designs – for grown-ups this time.

Sadolin Superdec is available in three ready mixed colours and has a vast array of tintable shades. It is also available in a 250ml sample pot size which can be tinted in over 300 shades.

Classic Wood Protection is available in 13 ready mixed shades and there are tinting bases available to mix a vast array of colours. Classic is a general purpose woodstain suitable as a two coat application for planed or rough sawn timber cladding, decking, fencing and garden furniture, and is also an ideal base coat for timber joinery to be subsequently finished with two coats of Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain.

Images courtesy of the Playhouse Company.


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