Give Exterior Wood Some Spring/Summer Love

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Trust the Experts – Give exterior wood some spring/summer love!

When the frost begins to thaw and temperatures make it passed the 10°c mark, it’s time for homeowners to pay attention to tired doors, flaky windows and wintered conservatories. After the effects of snowfall, frost, ice and heavy rain, Sadolin Classic Wood Protection and Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain create the perfect partnership for homeowners to rid the signs of winter and bring their wood back to life, perfect for everything from a quick maintenance coat to a complete change of colour and new direction.
With eight different finishes to choose from including: Natural, Antique Pine, Redwood, Mahogany, Teak, Rosewood, Jacobean Walnut and Ebony homeowners can be sure to select a woodstain that makes a real difference to the exterior of any home.

Just like the old saying – failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ – the only way to get really good results is by preparing the wood correctly.
• Wash down the surface area removing any loose dirt build up
• Assess the wood closely, it will become apparent whether it needs a quick maintenance coat or if it’s a bigger task in hand. Look for: cracking, flaking, greying, rotting and discolouring
• If the wood you’re working with has begun to rot then Sadolin recommends removing/replacing the damaged area
• If the woodstain has started to bubble or flake away from the wood then use a blunt chisel or knife to remove any large pieces, being careful not to damage or score the surface of the wood
• If the wood has split slightly or cracked use a wood filler to fill the crack and bind the wood together
• If the wood has just discoloured/greyed or all of the above has been completed then it’s time to sand down the surface until it’s a smooth even surface
• Finally remove any additional impurities with white spirit and water to ensure that the surface area is ready to be treated once dry
• Spend that little extra on quality brushes, there is nothing worse than returning to a gorgeously finished piece of wood to discover a fine bristle dried to the surface
• Apply with the grain of the wood and be liberal to satisfy the porosity, especially with vulnerable ends
• For new wood or areas taken down to the original wood surface use Sadolin Classic Wood Protection as a base coat before applying a couple of coats of Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain
• If applying a maintenance coat, once the surface has been prepared simply use one coat of Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain unless more is needed to satisfy the porosity of the wood
• It makes sense to apply woodstain when the weather is good avoiding rainfall but also planning the job around the day’s sun. Work around the building avoiding contact with direct sunlight where possible. When woodstain is drying it’s at its most vulnerable and lots of hot direct sunlight can cause the woodstain to yellow and if moisture gets into the woodstain then it can mist over
• Leave plenty of time for the wood to dry before applying an additional coat
Sadolin Classic Wood Protection is perfect for all exterior joinery tasks and is versatile enough to use on other exterior wood from decking to timber cladding, benches to fences Sadolin Classic Wood Protection can undertake a range of jobs, satisfying the porosity of the wood with its micro porous system.
Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain creates a durable, hard wearing solution for those areas exposed to the elements working with the wood to keep it protected just like Sadolin Classic Wood Protection. Perfect for windows, doors and conservatories.

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