Adventure playground protected with Sadolin

Hart Hill Adventure Playground in Luton

Hart Hill Playground

A playground which offers youngsters the chance to have their very own adventure has been refurbished using Sadolin Superdec. Hart Hill Adventure Playground in Luton, run by charity Children’s Links, was in need of a protective wood treatment that was both child friendly and environmentally sound. Sadolin Superdec was chosen to protect the large wooden structures at the playground, which include slides, climbing frames and a zip wire.

Sharon Fortune, senior playworker at Hart Hill, said: “We offer young people the chance to explore ‘risky’ play and have adventures. It’s not just swings here. We encourage the children to use their imaginations and creativity to have an adventure as a basis for learning resilience and also as a setting which allows them to access emotional and social support through play.”

Kirsty Fountain, business development co-ordinator at Hart Hill, said: “The playground is an incredibly valuable asset to the community. The structures were in need of a spruce up – we wanted something that would make the equipment look better but also something that would protect and preserve the wood for a long time. We are a charity, so we had to get the absolute best value for our budget. I’m delighted with the results.”

Sadolin Superdec is renowned for its comprehensive colour palette as well as its outstanding protective qualities, which together make it one of the most popular ranges within the Sadolin brand. It contracts and expands with the wood dependent on the weather, alleviating flaking and peeling. This flexibility enables Sadolin Superdec to offer up to eight years’ protection against the elements. Sadolin Superdec is also self-priming and undercoating, reducing the need for an extra product on new wood. It also requires little preparation and can be applied over previously decorated surfaces. Once applied the product offers a solid, paint-like finish.

Martin Rix Building Services took on the contract to paint the playground, which is leased to Children’s Links by Luton Borough Council and receives support from London Luton Airport. Darren Alexander and Glynne Davies are both painters and decorators at Martin Rix Building Services. Darren said: “We were both really pleased with the way the playground has turned out. “It was a challenging job as there were lots of awkward spaces to get into but Sadolin looks great and will give the equipment a new lease of life for years.”

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