Hackney Homes

Until recently Hackney Homes Planned Maintenance relied almost exclusively on one particular woodcare system, comprising a base woodstain and translucent semi gloss top coat, which was specified for all exterior woodwork where a translucent finish was required.

Hackney Homes

Almost half of all dwellings in the London Borough of Hackney are social housing, and the largest provider of accommodation in this sector is Hackney Homes, a not for profit arm’s length management company (ALMO) which is currently responsible for the management repair and improvement of 32,000 dwellings.

As Gary Lane Principal Contracts Manager at Hackney Homes Planned Maintenance explains, “Our usual exterior products were a tried and tested system that we had used for years. Our decorators were all used to applying the two products together and although they were expensive, they could be relied upon to deliver consistent results, so we’d never really thought about switching to another product.” However, this was to change with the advent of a new woodstain system launched into the top end of the specification market last year by woodcare specialist Sadolin. As Gary Lane reports, “Our Crown Paints Specification Manager Glyn Dodds presented Sadolin Ultra® Highly Translucent Woodstain as a cost effective maintenance solution and encouraged us to put it to the test. We were impressed by the promise of up to seven years decorative and protective benefits and by the translucent finish which allows all the natural grain and detail of the wood to show through.

“This was straightforward maintenance application of Sadolin Ultra® Mahogany topcoat to previously stained joinery. We didn’t need to use the clear basecoat. Some of the fascias and frames on the south facing elevations had flaked and denatured a lot more than others and required rubbing down and bringing forward, but for the most part we simply had to clean all the surfaces down and apply two full coats of Sadolin Ultra® topcoat across the board.

“Sadolin Ultra® has given us results that appear to be every bit as good as our previous products if not better and we have the reassurance of long term durability and performance. What’s more, our operatives have gained additional practical benefits from moving to Sadolin Ultra® and are now keen converts, despite their initial reticence to move away from a tried and tested system.

ary Lane concludes: “This trial has been a great success delivering excellent results for our tenants and receiving a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from our time served decorators, who are the experts at the end of the day. We have found a new cost effective way to redecorate exterior joinery and as result, wherever and whenever we need to use a translucent woodcare system for planned maintenance work, Hackney Homes will be specifying Sadolin Ultra® from now on.”