Duchally Country Estate

Duchally Country Estate in Auchterader in Perthshire, is surrounded by some of the most spectacular and pictur- esque landscapes Scotland has to offer.

Duchally Country Estate

A small dedicated in-house team keeps on top of all the necessary repairs and maintenance on the estate with a rolling programme of work to ensure that all Duchally’s facilities are always kept in pristine condition.

”The last thing our guests want to see is wet paint signs everywhere and scaffolding and access equipment spoiling the look of our elegant hotel or the luxurious lodges in the parkland“, says Kenny Burns, responsible for all maintenance throughout the estate. “And of course, if facilities are out of operation they’re losing the company money. That’s why we always insist on using decorative coatings that will give us longlasting performance and help us to extend the redecoration schedules as long as possible. We swear by Sadolin coatings because they’re formulated to help to protect the underlying fabric of our buildings and because we know our woodwork will retain its ‘just decorated’ look for years.”

Ron Bert, Duchally’s head decorator for the past seven years, is very happy with Duchally’s woodcare specifications. “I have just a few short summer months to get all my exterior decorating work completed so I have to use really reliable, durable coatings that are easy and quick to apply and that I can rely on to perform consistently. “We use gallons of Sadolin Superdec, tinted to Duchally’s signature shade of blue, to decorate and protect all the timber cladding on the lodges and the balustrades and rails on decking and balconies.”

All the lodges feature the same bright blue timberwork which Ron has protected with Sadolin Superdec. “You can tell it’s no ordinary gloss paint the minute you dip in the brush,” says Ron, “It just feels like a premium product and although it’s thicker than you might initially expect, it flows off the brush beautifully and it’s so easy to achieve a really good finish without any brushmarks or flaws. You can just tell that it’s going to give the wood the best possible protection. I wouldn’t expect to have to even think about redecorating the cladding for at least another five years and even the wooden balustrades and rails, which have to put up with a lot more punishment, should last for several years with just the occasional touch-up.”

Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels which owns Duchally is currently investing in its Scottish resort and has plans to build many more lodges in the near future which will all be decorated with Sadolin Superdec.