The Wooden Kiwi

‘The Wooden Kiwi’, based in Devon, offers a wide range of interior and exterior carpentry services, in addition to building in miniature. “When I’m designing a playhouse, I will start with my Superdec colour swatches,” says Sara-Jane. “Whether I’m adding external trims and accessories or sourcing fabrics for inside, they’re often the only colour references I need.

The Wooden Kiwi

When a client orders a premium playhouse from ‘The Wooden Kiwi’, every detail can be incorporated to make it as realistic as possible, from running water and electric lighting, to thermal insulation and even cedar shingles and lead flashings on the roof. As with any full sized newly built property designed and built to order, a great deal of attention is always paid to the décor.

The Wooden Kiwi Choose Sadolin Wood Paint

“Without the extensive range of shades available in the Sadolin Superdec colour palette, it would be much more difficult to meet our clients’ requirements,” said Sara-Jane Williams, who owns the company with husband, Paul. “They want a wonderful play space for their children but they’ve also invested time and money landscaping their gardens and designing their home interiors; they naturally want their new playhouse to match these aspirations. We’ve found that Superdec is the ideal way to decorate and protect all the woodwork. It cures to a tough and flexible finish that expands and contracts with the wood and offers great weather protection and at the same time, the colour offer really complements current trends in exterior and interior design.”

Following garden design trends, Sara-Jane finds Sadolin’s Cloverleaf one of the most popular colours with her clients and it complements the popular soft greys, greens and blues used in many contemporary interior design schemes. The subtle combination of Monaco and Burlesque is another popular choice that works well with luxury soft furnishing brands.

“We discovered this premium woodcare brand five years ago and never looked back,” says Paul, who also uses Sadolin woodcare products on the majority of his projects which range from building timber garden studios, workshops and stabling to much smaller commissions such as bespoke garden storage solutions. “Sara-Jane’s happy because she can design from a full colour palette, and from my point of view the product quality is obvious every time I pick up a brush. Our clients are satisfied too because Sadolin paints provide decorative and protective finishes that keep their good looks for years. It would be a false economy for The Wooden Kiwi to use anything else.”

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