Stanstead Abbots Farmhouse

A dilapidated farm house in Stanstead Abbots has been renovated with products from the Sadolin woodcare range. Ryegate Farm House stands on land now owned by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and having deteriorated badly, it was in desperate need of rescuing. General builders, Kendall & Sons Enfield Ltd were commissioned to repair and restore the original structure.

Stanstead Abbots Farmhouse

Optimum Protection

A large part of the challenging task involved replacing the existing cladding to the frame. “The original timber frame had a brick infill with 100mm thick cladding which had to be removed,” explains Graham Kendall. “We then replaced the infill with insulation and replaced the cladding with shiplap timber panels.” To ensure optimum protection to the wood, the cladding was coated first with a base coat of Sadolin Classic wood protection followed by a top finishing coat of Sadolin Extra durable woodstain.

The Sadolin Solution

Sadolin Classic is an ideal base coat that offers tough weather protection and provides excellent durability.

Sadolin Extra is a durable finishing coat that when used with Sadolin Classic ensures optimum performance and protection. Both Sadolin Classic and Extra are available in a wide range of colours.

Additionally, the original doors and windows of the property were restored and finished with Sadolin Superdec which provides an opaque, paint like finish, but unlike ‘traditional’ paints doesn’t peel or flake. The building is now completely transformed to its fine unique appearance.

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