Papworth Tennis Club

Members of Papworth Tennis Club no longer have to apologise for the ‘unloved’ appearance of their clubhouse, thanks to a generous donation of Classic Wood Protection from Sadolin.

Papworth Tennis Club

Tennis club secretary Debra Barker says that the committee and the 200-strong membership of the club had started to feel a little ashamed of the dilapidated state of their timber clad building, especially since the Papworth Bowls Club had erected a new clubhouse building right next door.

Papworth Tennis Club Choose Sadolin

“We built our clubhouse over five years ago and we’d never got round to redecorating the timber in all that time”, she said. “The exterior cladding desperately needed a little loving care and attention, and some effective protection from the elements. When the bowls club put up their brand new building it galvanised us into action!” “Knowing from past experience what an excellent woodcare product Sadolin Classic was, we asked for a small donation in kind so that we could get our clubhouse back into tip-top condition and hold our heads up high again.”

Sadolin obliged by sending the club a few cans of Classic in Teak, which were soon put to good use by a team of volunteers led by club chairman John Peal. He and two other committee members Rick Stokes and Ross Kenyon spent one fine and sunny summer morning rubbing down all the woodwork and applying the woodstain under the watchful eye and ‘supervision’ of Ross’s ten year old daughter. The team also managed to press gang one of their newest members into putting down his racquet and picking up a paintbrush, even though he had only turned up for a coaching session!

A few hours and a couple of coats of Sadolin Classic later, the clubhouse was completely transformed. The cladding was properly protected and looking in much better shape, redecorated in teak with its rich red tones.

“The woodstain has made such a difference,” said Debra, “We’re really grateful to Sadolin for stepping in with their kind donation. We’re totally reliant on members’ subs to fund the activities of the club and to keep all our facilities up to scratch so assistance like this is very much appreciated.”

She concluded: “Now there’s no need for us to worry about appearances and no need to worry about our woodwork deteriorating any further. With Sadolin Classic we’ve definitely gained the advantage and the clubhouse is a match for anyone’s.”

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