Danzey Green Windmill

Throughout the years, Sadolin’s Superdec wood coating has been used on a number of unusual projects. Not many, however, as unusual as a recent application which has seen Superdec used on a historic nineteenth century windmill. The Danzey Green Windmill is an iconic landmark in the small, Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove, with a heritage dating back to the 1830s. Housed at the Avoncroft Museum of Buildings in Stoke Heath just outside the town, the windmill was originally transferred from Tanworth in Arden in Warwickshire to Avoncroft in 1969 and restored by dedicated museum staff.

Danzey Green Windmill

A Superior Alternative to Traditional Paint

A recent maintenance programme revealed that the timber elements of the windmill needed urgent attention, with some of the wood needing to be replaced and some of the timber surfaces recoated. The project involved removing the sails to assess the state of the cruciform of timbers that penetrate the hub, known as the stocks. These huge pieces of timber were badly deteriorated and required replacing. The four sails were then inspected and two were repaired, with the remaining two set aside until funding is raised to replace them. The stocks and sails were coated using Sadolin Superdec exterior finish in white. This coating provides a solution to one of the main problems associated with traditional paint, that being a lack of flexibility.

Resists Peeling and Flaking

Because the Danzey Green windmill is still operating as a working model, and being used to grind cereal, it was imperative that the wood finish had to accommodate a considerable amount of movement. Using Superdec ensured that the coating will not flake or peel, offering a paint-like solid colour finish with the flexibility of a wood stain. The product combines both alkyd and acrylic resins, a combination which has been proven to provide an increased life span and reduced maintenance requirements. It also has an advanced water-borne formulation that promotes easy brushing and reduced brush marks. The timbers were also prepared with Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preservative prior to painting.

The Site Project and Maintenance Manager at Avoncroft, was delighted with the outcome. “Superdec was great to apply without the need for a separate primer,” he says. “It covered very well and the tools were easy to clean afterwards. The technical advice we received from the Sadolin team was great and we look forward to reduced maintenance of the windmill as a result of our use of Superdec.”

The Danzey Green Windmill now fully restored, stands out once again as a symbol for the Avoncroft museum, one of the country’s leading museums of buildings. For further information, visit www.avoncroft.org.uk.

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