Chris Ostwald Self Build

Oxfordshire self-builder Chris Ostwald used Sadolin Classic to achieve his ideal colour choice when he set out to build a country retreat in the Chiltern Hills. The structure was inspired by a picture of a West Virginian timber clad water mill, Glade Creek Grist Mill, dating back to the 1920s, which he had seen pictured on the side of a yoghurt pot!

Chris Ostwald Self Build

Chris Turned to Sadolin for Advice

Woodcare specialist Sadolin advised Chris on the best way to decorate and protect the exteriors of his unusual development which was visited during construction by Kevin McCloud and his film crew and featured in an episode of the TV programme Grand Designs. Chris and his architect Brian Johnson designed a building similar to the one featured on the yoghurt pot, to sit on a platform cut into the chalk hillside of the Oxfordshire countryside, supported by steel legs. The structure was produced in a kit form by an American specialist company, Timberpeg and shipped over to the UK from Oregan, New Hampshire, USA.

Whilst the structural framework was built from Douglas Fir, the exterior cladding was made entirely from cedar panelling. Timberpeg recommended that all the cladding panels should be treated immediately both sides with a quality woodcare product and that further coats should be applied to the exterior facing walls in situ. Chris needed a richly coloured woodcare product that would deliver a translucent natural finish to allow the natural beauty of the cedar to show through, but which would also provide long term weather protection and be easy to maintain in the future. Sadolin’s technical team advised Chris to use Sadolin Classic woodstain for a superior level of protection and durability.

Although Chris knew the colour that he wanted he wasn’t the only person involved in the decision making process. He also had to keep the local planning department satisfied and this entailed generating different coloured ‘impressions’ of the completed building on his laptop until the planning officer was also happy with the effect. Finally they settled on a colour that they both found acceptable and the decision was taken to decorate and protect all the exterior wood in Caramel Crisp, a rich red-toned shade in the Sadolin Classic tinted range.

“I’ve got the timber clad house of my dreams and I know that thanks to Sadolin the wood is extremely well protected from the elements. I’ve got plenty more work to do inside before I’m done but at least I can relax in the knowledge that I won’t need to pick up another tin of exterior woodstain for many years to come!”

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